Beach Bedroom Ideas That Will Take You To Paradise


A beach-themed bedroom can bring the peacefulness of the ocean right into your own home, making it the perfect space for surfers and beach-goers alike. You will find everything from beautiful sunset murals to beachy furniture in this blog post to help you create the perfect coastal paradise in your home. You’ll feel right at home with this coastal decor style if you live on island time and dream about your next seaside adventure! You can now relax with a cool summer drink, kick off your shoes, and get to designing!

Decorating with Beach Themed Decor

Beach bedrooms can be styled in many different ways, but some key elements definitely separate them. You feel a sense of relaxation the second you walk into the room with symbols like anchors, palm trees, and sunsets. With bright colors and these few tips, you will be on your way to creating your boardwalk bedroom.

On every sandy coastline, you are sure to find hundreds of shells, which make them a staple of a beach decoration. Often found printed on beach-themed comforters, pillows, lampshades, and curtains, seashells are a classy way to give that little touch of summer to any bedroom necessity.

However, more prominent decor, like the wall hanging featuring a collection of shells in the second photo, is also a great way to fill up empty wall space or give your bedroom a little more character. Lining the frame of a photo or a mirror is a fantastic and easy, do-it-yourself option for adding shells to your space!

Another way to incorporate seashells is by hanging artwork, like in the first photo of shells or starfish lining the coast, bringing a bit of artistic detail into your coastal bedroom.

Another thing found in nearly every beach-themed bedroom is a photo of the breathtaking kind of sunset that can only be found on the ocean’s horizon. The reds, purples, and oranges spread across the sky above crashing waves is a serene picture that can relax almost anyone. 

Tropical sunset bedding is the way to go for getting splashes of color into your beach room. The romantic crashing waves can add a softness to the vibrant colors if you want a more peaceful beach vibe in your room as well. No matter which scene you choose, the sunset scene is a must-have for any beach-decorated room.

In nearly every beach-themed bedroom, the blue decor is almost sure to be present. As the color of the ocean, the color is perfect for bringing the hue of the waves to your room.

From luxurious items like soft blue fur blankets or pillows to electric blue details, like the lamp and life ring in the first photo. A great first place is to start by throwing your favorite shade of blue on the walls to set the tone for the room, and then start working from there!

Pairing well with white, gray, and several other colors, blue comes in so many shades that you are sure to find the perfect one for your peaceful paradise.

Speaking of painting, another way to add a splash of color to your seaside oasis is by giving your furniture or doors a fresh coat of paint.

Many basic beach homes are full of color and vibrancy, so this is definitely the place where having blue doors or a pink bed is completely acceptable and will fit right in. Using colorful large items, like furniture, is a good way to give a room a more prominent color accent than just stylish pillows or wall art.

Catching the Waves

It’s no secret that those who live the island life love to ride the waves. A Hawaiian-style room is a perfect theme twist on the popular beach-themed room. Using decor like hula skirts, bright flowers, and surfboards, creating a tropical getaway is simple. Full of vibrance and good vibes, these surfer-designed spaces will make you feel like you can almost hear the waves crashing a short walk away.

Straw grass is a major part of tropical decor, so utilizing hula skirts and straw grass details in creative ways will give your room the extra tropical touch. The raffia grass can be configured to make window decor and even bed canopies to make you feel like you’re sleeping in a tropical bungalow right on the beach.

For a more sophisticated surf shop feel, materials like bamboo or wicker, rattan, and raffia can be used in all kinds of ways. Headboards, rugs, or even sturdy furniture bring an airy, patio-furniture feel right indoors to your bedroom.

The colors found throughout this seaside room are perfect for any surfer-loving beach bum. From the vibrant beach house bedspread to the picturesque view of the shore from behind the line of rainbow chairs on the coast, it’s impossible to feel anything but happy in this color-filled space. These coastal colors represent the natural colors of every beach town, so you feel as if you have just stepped onto your forever vacation.

As if we even needed to say it – surfboards are excellent additions to any Hawaiian-themed beach room! Both literal surfboards leaned up against the wall, and decor that features photos of surfboards are great ways to show off your love for catching a gnarly wave. Using these details can help you turn your bedroom into a seaside surf shop. All that’s left to do is throw on your favorite reggae record and chill out.

Smooth Sailing

If fishers are surrounding your idea of a beachside oasis out on the boat dock, a nautical-style room is the room design for you. These beach rooms were made for the passionate sailor with maritime details, navigational decor, and preppy designs.

When putting together a nautical-themed beach bedroom, you can’t go wrong with wide navy stripes. The design, taken from the French navy’s Breton stripe shirts, is a telltale sign of a boat lover’s space. Paired with a large map as an alternate headboard or a bed itself that is shaped like a boat, found in the top photo, the sailor stripes are key to giving any beach-themed room that a sailboat feels.

You cannot have a sailor-worthy bedroom without using the boat’s most popular symbols – the anchor and the helm. Portrayed on rugs, pillows, window curtains, and bedspreads, these two icons, usually found in white, red, or blue, are key elements of designing an eye-catching beach-themed room that is ready to set sail. However, larger representations are also useful and appropriate for adding to the design, such as hanging an actual helm, or wheel, on the wall as art.

Young sailors who dream of being captains also have many options for their maritime style. Using the popular red, white, and blue colors is a great starting point, but using neutrals is another way to change it up. In the second picture, these hanging beds, which are held up by the thick rope, are a unique way to set up a little sailor’s room. To add to the design, you might add wall art that showcases a variety of sailor’s knots.

Not all those who take their boats out into the ocean waters are fancy sailors – some are simple fishermen. To showcase a love for deep-sea fishing or simply spending a relaxing morning in a quiet cove, you can use decor like oars or fishing nets to keep the nautical feel in a less vibrant room.

Living On Island Time

The tropics are known for their crystal clear water and long lines of shade brought by palm trees. What is a better way to show off a love for island life than featuring beach rugs, bedspreads, and underwater wall art that portrays the beautiful coastal scenes in the Caribbean?

It’s no surprise that snorkeling is a popular activity in tropical regions because off the coast of the world’s most beautiful islands are underwater beauties. Hundreds and thousands of fish and other sea animals are often found in island-style bedrooms because they are so colorful. You can show off your love for the tropics by portraying marine life on your walls. You could even use decor that features a school of fish!

Alongside the beautiful fish, the ocean floor is also filled with colorful colors, making it a perfect design for any beach-themed bedding, pillow, or rug. Coral designs are incredibly unique and can be found in a variety of patterns and vibrant shades. Therefore, if you want to get away from the typical, basic beach bedding, these underwater masterpieces are the way to go.

One lovely thing about designing an island paradise bedroom is the many options for textures and patterns that can be used to make your room unique to your own style while also keeping the beach theme alive.

Your walls are an empty canvas, so you may try filling them with funky teal wallpaper or a bold ocean blue striped gradient. Another way to use patterns, as in the third picture, is to use a quilt or patterned bedspread with accent colors to break up the solid colors in the room and draw the eye straight to the bed.

Lastly, you can even add texture to the ceiling, as in the last photo. Looking up at the fish scale accent on the ceiling of this beach bedroom is sure to make you feel like you’re swimming right along with the exotic fish of the sea.

Seaside Serenity

With the wave of beach house minimalism, a popular decorating style is a bright, airy, simple approach to a seaside space. From simple boho to luxury, white is definitely in style and perfect for any peaceful beach bedroom. Decorating with minimalistic decor is one of the easiest and simplest ways of restyling your room!

The simple neutrals in these minimal beach bedrooms give off a design that takes a step back from the bold, vibrant, bright colors and offers more of a peaceful, relaxing, and refreshing ocean-side room. Just imagine opening the windows and hearing the waves crashing outside while cozied up with a good book in one of these refreshing spaces.

White and calm neutrals also work beautifully in luxurious seaside homes. Mixing serenity with sophistication, the chandeliers in these large beach bedrooms give off enough space to make anyone melt into relaxation.

One of our favorite additions to a simple beachy bedroom is the minimalistic pallet bed. These are easy to make and affordable! If you’re a fan of mixing your beach style with minimal boho vibes, one of these pallet bed designs is a must-have.

One minimal beach house trend that is taking to the seas everywhere is the shiplap wall texture. This design can be laid vertically, horizontally, or even on a slanted ceiling. When it comes to simple beach bedrooms, texture can go a long way, and these shiplap wall panels give each bedroom a bit more dimension and character, making visitors feel like they are living in a condo on the shoreline. These designs are so versatile that they can even be painted or stained for a splash of color!

When keeping a minimalistic beach bedroom as simple as possible, alternate wall art options work well instead of littering the walls with signage and small art. Large paintings or oversized artwork, like a lanky octopus or chalky sand dollar, draw the eye to the wall and give the room a style for every space without overdoing the details.

Saltwater Gospel

There is something special about the shorelines in the South, and the beautiful style mix of classic southern decor and coastal decor is one that is truly unique and perfect for condo owners, beach-goers, and anyone who wants to incorporate the taste of paradise into their landlocked home.

Monograms are a staple of preppy, southern decor, and when paired with seashells and coral details, they make a beautiful beachy master bedroom. The classiness of the monogrammed bedspread, sophisticated patterns, and starfish wall decor all come together perfectly as a southern-coastal mesh.

As mentioned before, patterns are one of the most popular elements of southern style, and luckily, they are also commonly found in beach designs, making them a perfect way to mesh the two together. From paisleys to quilts to pinstripes and checkered fabrics, these beach bedrooms undoubtedly belong to coast-lovers from the south with an eye for style and a love for the summer air.

Perhaps one of the most unexpected beach and southern mixes is the farmhouse coastal style. Featuring shiplap walls, iron bed frames, and upcycled shutters, the farmhouse style is infiltrated with white, airy bedding and starfish details to create a unique space that will have you dreaming of riding horses down the beach just before sunset.

The Heart of the Sea

This incredible seaside master bedroom features an airy, clean, and fresh feel with a sheer white bed canopy and bedding with colors reminiscent of the water outside the balcony doors. With the lack of any tacky starfish, coral, or fish, the bedroom presents a sophisticated island theme using neutral colors and beautiful blues to create an air of pure relaxation.

With a cozy bed on the bottom and a fun “boat dock” on the top, this teenager’s beach bedroom is an exciting recreation of a boardwalk pier. This is a perfect beach town-themed room with a wooden headboard for the bed and the netting on the loft. The ocean-colored walls and the relaxing hanging chair are the cherry on top for this unique beachy bedroom!

This classy bedroom features beach decor like a coral fabric bed frame and oversized gold starfish to accent the baby blues to wrap up our seaside designs. The metallics, whites, and blues in this island-style room mesh together to create a half-luxury, half-modern bedroom fit for anyone who loves a trip to the coast and a stylish design.

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